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Hey guys, my name is Anabell.

My girlfriends and me make the first experiences with modeling. One day Emily and Serena went to the shopping center to buy new clothes for a photoshooting. I accidentally met them there and they both asked me if I wanted to watch them taking photos.

I was immediately fascinated by that idea. I was a little bit envious of them. I saw them doing all those sexy things and I dreamed of how it would be if all the guys out there could see me doing such nasty things. That really turned me on and I decided to make some pics myself. Well, you know, girls are sometimes vain and so I showed my pics to another girlfriend of me.

She was amazed by these photos and gave me some hints what guys want to see. She told me to wear something like a school uniform cause some guys have the fantasy of having sex with a girl in such a uniform. This imagination really made me horny and I loved the thought of looking innocent and doing really nasty things.

Finally I wanted to know what you guys think about my pics and so I asked one of my ex-boyfriends what he thinks about these pics. He almost fainted when he saw those photographs. Baby, they are great! What do you want to do with these pics? They are really too good for getting dusty in a family photo album! Why dont you publish them in a magazine!

Your really looking like a supermodel!, he told me. Not that fast! I am planning to start an own webpage in the internet with these pics. I answered. You always were a nasty little girl! I love this idea! - What a compliment of my ex! So now you know a little about me. I really love to show my body and to play with guys. Its great fun for me when somebody watches me in private situations. So enjoy a little preview in my erotic photos and videos. If you like what you see, join today and let me know what you think about my pics.

Probably you will have some ideas for my next updates. Just tell me what you want me to do! And be sure: I love to show my sexy body! Don't be shy to contact me!

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Models Fakts

Age: 22 Years
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 52 Kg
Eyes: Green
Haircolor: Brown
Star Sign: Aquarius
Turns me on: Sex in nature
Home Country: Argentina