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Hi fans,

its me, Emily. As you know I have started my Website some time ago and I am quite new to this business. I am still go to school and so it is always good to earn some extra money. One of my best buddies told me that it would be possible to create a erotic site in the web. I immediately was fascinated by the idea that lots of guys could see me in erotic poses. My friend explained me everything about it. I asked him if he would take the pics of me, but he told me that he was too shy for it. Instead he suggested to create the website. - And I must admit that he did a really fantastic job.
The same evening I told my best girlfriend Selina about my plans to start an internet model site.

First it was a quite strange feeling to pose in front of the camera in such an erotic way, but we had a lot of fun doing it. We liked the imagination that lots of guys would see us doing these sexy things. It really turned us on.

I also had the idea to tell you about the things I do the whole day. So you can learn even more things about me in my personal diary.
Maybe YOU have some more ideas or wishes for our next photo sets. In my voting YOU have the possibility to decide what I should do in my next update. Don't be shy! If you have some other ideas, please write me an email! YOU decide on my updates!

Selina first had some doubts about it, but then she also liked the idea. She even suggested: Hey, Emily, why don't we take photos of each other? Maybe I can start a website, too. Hey, that's a great idea! I said. We immediately started to choose sexy clothes for our private photo shooting

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Models Fakts

Age: 19 Years
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 49 Kg
Eyes: Blue
Haircolor: Blonde
Star Sign: Taurus
Turns me on: Gymnastics
Home Country: Ukraine